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Turn Customer Input into Innovation

Anthony W. Ulwick, 10. September 2012

Lots of companies ask customers what they'd like to see in new products and services - but they go about it all wrong. A new methology for capturing customer input promises to galvanize the innovation process.

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Building a Corporate Culture of Innovation

A conversation with Anthony W. Ulwick

Anthony W. Ulwick, 13. Mai 2011
To accelerate revenue growth, many companies are relying on the Chief Innovation Officer (CIO) to effectively harness the power of innovation. Deciding how to structure and staff such an effort will very well determine its success. In a discussion with an executive who recently took on the responsibility for establishing an innovation center of excellence for a $10 billion Fortune 1000 firm, Strategyn CEO Tony Ulwick explains how companies are using an approach he calls "directed innovation" to accelerate their growth.
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The Customer-Centered Innovation Map

Part of HBR's "10 Must Reads on Innovation"

Lance A. Bettencourt, Anthony W. Ulwick, 1. Mai 2008, Harvard Business Review

We all know that people "hire" products to get jobs done. Office workers hire wordprocessing software to create documents. Surgeons hire scalpels to dissect soft tissue. But few companies keep this in mind while searching for ideas for breakthrough offerings. Instead, they rely on inquiry methods (such as customer interviews) that don’t generate the most promising ideas or exhaustive sets of possibilities. To systematically uncover more—and better—innovative ideas, Bettencourt and Ulwick recommend job mapdping: Break down a job that customers want done into discrete steps. Then brainstorm ways to make steps easier, faster, or unnecessary. For example, while cleaning clothes, people don’t notice stubborn stains until they’ve taken the clothes from a dryer and started folding them. If they find a stain, they must repeat the job. A washer that detects persistent stains and takes appropriate action before consumers execute the rest of the job would have huge appeal.

Read/download the article: Harvard Business Review

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Giving Customers a Fair Hearing

Anthony W. Ulwick, Lance A. Bettencourt, 1. Januar 2008, MITSloan Management Review, Vol. 49, No. 3

With a clear definition of what a customer need is, companies are able to get the inputs that are required to succeed at innovation.

Download of article: MIT Sloan Management Review

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innovate! austria.

Von der österreichischen Innovationselite lernen

Søren Salomo, Martin Pattera, Gerald Steinwender, 1. Januar 2008, WINGbusiness

Ziel von innovate! austria. ist es, Unternehmen bei der Steigerung der Innovationsleistung zu unterstützen. Kernelement dazu ist das Erkennen eigener Innovationspotenziale durch Assessment und Benchmarking. Anhand des Innovation Excellence Modells wurden aus der Analyse von annähernd 100 Unternehmen Erfolgsfaktoren und Best Practices von Benchmark-Unternehmen abgeleitet. Die österreichische Innovationselite erreicht im Vergleich zu ihrem Branchendurchschnitt eine deutlich höhere Umsatzrentabilität. Sie unterscheidet sich von innovationsschwachen Unternehmen durch klare Zielvorgaben für Innovation, sowohl auf strategischer Ebene als auch in operativen Bereichen. Dem Front End im Innovationsprozess wurde bisher nur mittelmäßige Bedeutung beigemessen – hier liegt das größte Potenzial auch für Benchmark-Unternehmen.

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