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Jobs to be done

Theory to Practice

Anthony W. Ulwick, 28. Oktober 2016, Idea bite press, 202 Seiten

Why do so many innovation projects fail? What are the root causes of failure? How can they be avoided? Since 1990, Tony Ulwick has pioneered an innovation process that answers these questions. In 1999, Tony introduced Clayton Christensen to the idea that “people have underlying needs or processes in their lives, that they are addressing in some way right now”—an insight that was to become Jobs-to-be-Done Theory.

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Service Innovation

How to go from Customer Needs to Breakthrough Services

Lance A. Bettencourt, 1. Juli 2010, Mcgraw Hill Book Co, 255 Seiten

If there's one truism about the service sector, it's that businesses don't succeed by inventing a better mousetrap; they succeed by finding the best, most cost-effective way to get rid of their customers' mice. In industries ranging from heavy machinery to health care to financial services to consumer goods, service innovation is helping businesses find new revenue streams - and enhance existing ones - by satisfying their customer's need to get things done. Few understand this better than Lance Bettencourt, a strategy adviser at Strategyn and a leading educator in management innovation consulting. And in "Service Innovation", Bettencourt gives a master's class on the art and science of creating breakthrough service products.

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What Customers Want

Using Outcome-Driven Innovation to Create Breakthrough Products and Services

Anthony W. Ulwick, 1. September 2005, Mcgraw-Hill Professional, 202 Seiten

For years, companies have accepted the underlying principles that define the customer-driven paradigm - that is, using customer "requirements" to guide growth and innovation. But twenty years into this movement, failure rates are still high and breakthrough innovations are still rare. In a book that challenges everything you have learned about being customer driven, internationally acclaimed innovation leader Anthony Ulwick reveals the secret weapon behind some of the most successful companies of recent years. Known as "outcome-driven" innovation, this revolutionary approach to new product and service creation transforms innovation from a nebulous art into a rigorous science from which randomness and uncertainty are eliminated.

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