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Silence the Voice of the Customer

Focus on the “job-to-be-done” and create breakthrough products and services

Anthony W. Ulwick, Lance A. Bettencourt, 1. Januar 2012

Over the past 30 years, voice-of-the-customer experts have led companies to believe that it is impossible to know all their customers’ needs. They contend that customers can’t articulate their needs, and that customers have latent needs—or needs they don’t know they have. What if it turns out that this thinking is wrong? Here is the answer: instead of failing 80 percent of the time, companies will succeed in their innovation efforts 86 percent of the time. How do we know this? Because over the past 20 years we have created and refined an innovation process called Outcome-Driven Innovation® (ODI) that invalidates this old thinking. In addition, a ten-year track record study reveals that when the world’s most respected companies silence the voice of the customer and gather the right inputs for the innovation process, they experience an 86 percent success rate. This is a complete turn-around in the innovation industry. Learn how thinking about customer needs from a "jobs-to-be-done" perspective enables companies to create winning growth strategies and breakthrough products and services.

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Giving Customers a Fair Hearing

Anthony W. Ulwick, Lance A. Bettencourt, 1. Januar 2008, MITSloan Management Review, Vol. 49, No. 3

With a clear definition of what a customer need is, companies are able to get the inputs that are required to succeed at innovation.

Download of article: MIT Sloan Management Review

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