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Building a Customer-Centric Culture of Innovation

Anthony W. Ulwick, 25. August 2015

Companies understand the value of becoming customer-centric, but the transformation is challenging. In our engagements with Fortune 1000 companies, we have been asked many times, "How do you build a customer-centric culture of innovation in a company that historically has been idea or technology driven?" In this paper, Tony Ulwick offers guidance for doing just that. Our approach, which is based on 24 years of experience and has a track record of success, is proven to deliver the greatest impact in the shortest time.

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Building a Corporate Culture of Innovation

A conversation with Anthony W. Ulwick

Anthony W. Ulwick, 13. Mai 2011
To accelerate revenue growth, many companies are relying on the Chief Innovation Officer (CIO) to effectively harness the power of innovation. Deciding how to structure and staff such an effort will very well determine its success. In a discussion with an executive who recently took on the responsibility for establishing an innovation center of excellence for a $10 billion Fortune 1000 firm, Strategyn CEO Tony Ulwick explains how companies are using an approach he calls "directed innovation" to accelerate their growth.
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