How Technetics Group France Broke Into a New Market Using ODI

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A leader in high performance sealings products, Technetics Group France (TGF) wanted to improve its penetration in a B2B market: pharmaceuticals manufacturing. However efforts to sell new sealing solutions and services in that market were failing. TGF then sought assistance from Strategyn. Using Strategyn’s patented methodology, Outcome-Driven innovation (ODI), TGF and Strategyn devised a growth plan that reinforced significantly TGF’s position in the market. Strategyn’s jobs-oriented ODI methodology helped TGF:

  • Overcome a barrier to entry in a market that was new for them.
  • Create a plan that drastically accelerated growth and enabled TGF to attain a strong, sustainable competitive position.
  • Reposition their existing offerings, which caused a dramatic change in the adoption behavior of pharmaceuticals processors.